WHY AM I DOING THIS: Ask the question…feel the answer



Often we ask ourselves why are we training so hard? Working so hard? Prioritizing our time into something so all consuming? For what?

We are frustrated and on the brink of giving up what we once thought was a great idea.

Why put in all the time to be faster, jump higher, climb better, get better bike position, grow your business, be a better speaker, eat healthier, become more energetic, get your PhD? Why?

If you really think about it, most everything we do in life, really comes down to making yourself feel GOOD ABOUT YOU. You want to feel accomplished, which builds confidence and generally makes us feel good about ourselves. That’s not being self absorbed, we need to feel good about ourselves in order to gain self confidence and with that confidence we can gain momentum to continue learning and taking on new challenges. If you feel good about yourself, your positive energy will rub off on others and now you are good for the world. By feel good about yourself, let’s be careful that I don’t mean being narcissistic or arrogant, rather more like proud of your accomplishments and happy to share your passion and positive energy with others.

You don’t just train hard to win a race. You train hard to win a race because when you win the race you will feel satisfied with your efforts and in turn you will feel good about yourself – answers the age old “why do I bother training so hard”

You don’t just perfect your power point, just because. No, you do that because you want to present well, be organized and have flow, so that when you are up there speaking, you are confident and when you are done…guess what, you will feel good about yourself then too – which answers “why am I spending so much time on these slides!”

You don’t just start paying attention to your nutrition to say “I eat well”, no, you change your habits to perform better, reduce pain, manage weight, increase energy…all of which will make you feel better about yourself – which answers “why am I eating so much more produce when I can just grab a fast food sandwich and soda?”

If you look hard enough and deep enough you will soon realize if you keep asking the question WHY am I doing this, EVERYTHING comes down to feeling good about you and who you are and what you are doing and what you have accomplished. All of your efforts lead to confidence.

Helping others is another common example. Why am I spending so much time helping this person? you may ask. We don’t want to do things expecting things in return from others, however, truly taking  the time to help others with no agenda, without knowing it, deep down makes you feel good about yourself. You are a good person.

So, am I suggesting you need to go and win a race? No, it’s not about WINNING. Prepare as best as you can so that you better your last race, business venture or power point presentation? Yep, you got it. You have to compare to you, and your last effort and look for improvement. Have personal benchmarks to surpass, regardless of what you are aspiring to do. Be your own best competitor. As you keep outdoing yourself, next thing you know, you may just be an expert at whatever it is you are aiming to achieve in time. Contrary to if you only compare yourself to the best and are someone who may beat themselves up for how far they still have to go. You can see how one focus can change how you feel about yourself. You know what they say, “comparison is the thief of joy”.

I work with people of all kinds with their nutrition. At the end of the day, every one of them, has sought me out, because they have a goal and that goal in some capacity is going to make them feel better about themselves. Often it’s that they will learn how to fuel properly for performance, or improve their energy levels so that they can work more productively or have energy for their kids when they get home from work. Now look at those 3 outcomes. What do they all have in common? Yes, you nailed it, each one of those people, will feel better about themselves if they can achieve those goals.

I was inspired to think about this, when questioning where I spend my time and why I was spending it where I do. And so I ask you to do the same. It’s a great activity to do, because when you have an obvious, self fulfilling purpose to what you are doing and it makes sense, you are more likely to continue.

If you have a goal that is going to take years to attain, you really need to close your eyes and picture yourself there, accomplishing that goal and then associate the feelings that go along with that image of you, 2,3 years from now or 2,3 months from now. How will it feel? How will you feel about yourself? I bet you will feel proud, accomplished and empowered.

That doesn’t mean the path will be clear, straight and with no hiccups. Who are we kidding :). But it means it can help you on those stressful days when you question WHY AM I DOING THIS.

And so I ask you to ask yourself the question WHY, and then picture the outcome, and associate feelings with that outcome by seeing yourself THERE in your mind. Then, you will have answered your own question. Does it feel amazing? Then PRESS ON.


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