Valentine’s Day Cherry Sorbet …..Simple….Sweet….LOVE….

Another year has passed and Valentine’s Day is upon us once again! No need to spend hours in the kitchen laboring over a sweet dessert! Besides, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the people we love.  Leave the cooking to the professional Sorbet makers of the world ;). This Valentine’s Day how about a simple crisp Cherry Sorbet! Vibrant and RED…refreshing and energizing!  Packed with and tart and sweet flavors, sorbet tends to hit the spot in small portions.  This makes it perfect after a nice dinner, possibly with a glass of heart healthy wine and some interesting conversation to add to the occassion! Top your sorbet with a few cherries or raspberries, keeping to the theme of RED! It’s also easy to share. Come on….you can share :)!

1/2 a cup of sorbet has approximately 90 calories depending on the brand. What a SIMPLE…perfect….colorful…Valentine’s Day Treat!

Until next time…..

Much LOVE to all on this Valentine’s Day


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