The KICK ACID DIET! Great Book Dr.Alwyn Wong!


We could all use more alkaline environments in our bodies. Balancing pH is a crucial part of optimal health. When the body’s pH is imbalanced the body will work to balance it, at the detriment of some of our own health (bones and mineral absorption to name a few). The body always wants to be in a state of homeostasis. The athlete does have to eat simple sugars and high carbohydrate foods, many of which create an acidic environment as well as activity of training itself creating this environment. Therefor, it’s of utmost importance that for the rest of the day we focus on our recovery by consuming a more alkaline diet overall for our daily nutrition.Good friend and author Dr.Alwyn Wong does a great job of covering the acid/alkaline relationship that food has on our bodies in his book The KICK ACID DIET. Check it out! I think Alwyn gives sound explanations on how the body works, and leaves the reader with a detailed directory of foods and their affects on the body’s PH. I’ll be sure to keep this one handy for my work with clients. Great book Alwyn! I’ll be sure to post some tidbits from it in the coming weeks for our NSAG readers! (You can purchase this book through Lulu online.)

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