“I first heard about Anne Guzman after reading an article she wrote in Canadian Cycling Magazine on “Power To Weight Ratio”.  Shortly thereafter, I attended a Nutrition Seminar hosted by Berger Cycle Fit (D’Ornellas Fitness Factory) where Anne spoke to us about nutrition on and off the bike. As the cycling season approached I knew I wanted to take my riding to a new level. I had found in the past I was struggling with nutrition on the bike and recovery after hard rides was not coming fast enough.  Working with Anne was a perfect fit!   Prior to working with Anne, my energy levels were very low, (needing afternoon naps!)  I suffer from many food sensitivities but Anne was excellent a working through these challenges. After just 2 short weeks I quickly found my energy levels increasing (no afternoon nap!). Anne’s weekly calls were always lessons for me in one way or another. Anne was always available to answer questions and her feedback was positive and constructive.  Another reason I wanted to work with Anne was to get my weight more in line with that of a good power to weight ratio.  Anne had me tuck my scales away and focus on being “healthy” rather than being “thin”.  One of the constant questions I would ask Anne was “are you sure I am supposed to eat this much?!?!?” I am happy to say that my off season weight is gone, I feel healthy and strong.  This coming season I wanted to place top 10 in my age group by the fall and actually had a first place podium finish in my first race of the season! I say I’m doing well! I would highly recommend Anne Guzman to anyone looking to seriously improve their health — which equates to more power on the bike, more energy off the bike and an all-round healthy feeling!”

Tracey Sullivan
Avid Cyclist and D’Ornellas Cycling Club Member


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