Serena Bishop Gordon- Pro Mountain Biker

I first sought Anne’s council because I knew that if I wanted to take my training and racing to the next level, I needed every advantage available. I hired Anne through Peaks Coaching Group, where my coach works. I was putting in hard work on the bike, but knew I was not getting the most out of myself during training and racing because I was missing the nutrition component of my training plan. With Anne’s guidance, I learned how to dial in my nutrition, fueling, and recovery in order to optimize my efforts and recovery.

In just four weeks, Anne completely changed the way I looked at nutrition and fueling. In order to make these changes, I put complete trust into Anne’s plan and learned how to efficiently fuel my body on, and off, the bike. By eating nutrient rich foods, spread evenly throughout the day, I began to feel better and train better, almost immediately.

Learning to get in more calories while on the bike has made an exponential difference in the way I feel at the end of a long ride. By implementing Anne’s fueling strategy, I feel great at the end of a 4 hour ride, I am able to put out a solid effort on the last of a series of intervals, and I am able recover more quickly.

My husband is also a huge fan of Anne’s plans! Every night of the week we are eating meals designed for optimum nutrition, quick and easy preparation, and also taste great!

Serena Bishop Gordon
Professional Mountain Biker

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