Eat, sleep and train: In order to take my racing career to the next level, I vowed to improve every part of my game. Before working with Anne, I felt like I was eating well, but I had trouble managing my energy levels while training and racing, and even off the bike my recovery was suffering. It wasn’t uncommon on rides or at seemingly random times in my day I would “crash” — a sudden¬†shaky¬†feeling and drop in energy I couldn’t describe to my teammates in a way that they would understand. When this happened, my ride, race, study session, or commute home was miserable until I could eat something sweet to get my sugar levels back up. Anne said she had been through a similar type of problem and knew how to help. She not only helped me learn to eat better foods, but also how to eat at better times of the day to properly fuel my body in a more consistent and structured way. Nutritional plans can be overwhelming at first, especially if you are trying to break bad habits. However, Anne made sure to create a plan that was manageable and always gave me different options to make the plan work with my lifestyle. After having worked with Anne for only a few weeks I saw results, and I continue to see the benefits of dialing in my nutrition as I elevate my training. I feel better all around, so that I can train harder than ever before to achieve my goals. Eat, sleep and train.

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