Neil Ireland

Following top three results for two consecutive years in the Master Sport class in the Provincial mountain bike race circuit to be faced with the challenge of competing respectably in Expert class for the upcoming season, I decided that I need to focus on whatever advantages I can add to the training and racing regimen to perform at my best.  While nutrition has always been part of my training and racing planning, I have done so with only limited coaching and my own guidance or lack thereof in terms of a more structured and focused nutrition plan.  Having shared some mutual friends, I was familiar with Anne’s work, as well as her racing background, which prompted me to reach out for some guidance.

In establishing some goals initially, we determined that I was pretty game for any changes and Anne established a plan accordingly.  My immediate focus was to get to race weight in a healthy manner while couple with a busy schedule of life inclusive of training mixed in.  I have typically entered the season still working on getting to race weight.  The first weeks on the program proved to be very effective.  In addition to losing weight at a healthy and expected rate, I also felt more energy on the bike; with noticeable gains on longer efforts.  This has been a welcome experience, along with Anne’s many suggestions for healthy supplements to further advance training and recovery.  The “leaning up” process is has been a success and I’m starting race season at race weight.  I expect that I will achieve new personal levels of achievement this year that I could not have done without Anne’s assistance.

Anne’s positivity, encouragement, and racing background have also been an added bonus to the experience as her nutritional guidance is easily applied being her familiarity with the rigors of training and racing.  I look forward to working further with her and seeing the results that will come with that.

Neil Ireland
Expert Mountain Biker

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