I wish I had started working with Anne years ago.  I thought I knew the basics of sports nutrition, but I always struggled to maintain my goal racing weight—or even to figure out what my racing weight should be to maximize my power-to-weight ratio, to ensure that I could last through a long bike racing season, and to maintain enough energy to combine racing with working full time as a law professor.

It turns out that the fundamental basics of sports nutrition that I thought I knew are totally consistent with Anne’s approach.  She doesn’t follow any crazy new fads of recommend any magic potions.  But fine-tuning the basics to address the challenges of becoming leaner while simultaneously training and racing hard is complex.  If I had all the time in the world, perhaps I could design daily nutrition plans that correspond precisely to what I need to fuel each day’s activities.  But since I also need to work, train, do the chores, spend time with my family and friends, etc., it really helps to have Anne as part of my team.  Furthermore, on my own I tend to second-guess myself, to get discouraged by slow progress, and to misinterpret the results of trial and error.  But of course success—in improving body composition just like in training—requires consistency, patience, and learning from mistakes.  I now realize that just as I would struggle to train if I didn’t have the guidance of an expert coach, I was struggling for years with my nutrition without Anne’s expertise.

As much as I’ve come to rely on Anne’s active help during the busy racing season, she has also taught me lasting good habits, handy rules of thumb, and easy recipes that I will continue to use to stay healthy throughout the year and throughout my life!

Molly Shaffer Van Houweling
Metromint Cycling Team
2012 UCI Masters World Time Trial and Road Race Champion

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