August, 2011

“Twenty years ago I was a 17 year old category 2 cyclist who use to race with the Juniors in the morning (which included future TDF rider Jonathan Vaughters at the time) and the Cat 1-2/Pros in the afternoon. Then I set my bike down and went to college, then medical school, then a PhD program in physiology then residency followed by a full time career as an anesthesiologist. During the last 20 years, except for a short stint in collegiate cycling, I didn’t regularly exercise and I did not eat well. As a result, I found myself leaving residency at a whopping 292 pounds and in the worst physical shape of my life. I bought a bike and read a book about “modern nutrition” and decided to ride myself back into shape. Unfortunately, I tried to apply 20 year old training techniques and found myself very burned out very quickly. What made a bad situation worse was that I was applying a nutrition program that relied heavily on protein. It was painfully obvious that despite my 12 years of higher education in the medical field, I had absolutely no idea how to eat to not only lose weight but to have the energy I needed to get on the bike and do great workouts.

I floundered around for about 4 years trying to figure out how to make my come back into racing. My weight fluctuated down sometimes to 30 pounds lighter, but I never felt good and I had no energy to do really quality rides. I also felt hungry almost all the time. Multiple times after losing this weight, I would quit riding and eating well and find myself just as heavy as before. About 6 months ago I started to look for a professional coach and nutritionist. Like anything I do in life, I spent hours researching various coaching groups and nutrition programs and found that without a doubt Peaks Coaching and Nutrition was going to work the best for me. I rapidly decided on Scott Moninger as a coach and we very quickly decided together that I needed a comprehensive overhaul of what I thought was “good nutrition.”

From the very beginning, it was clear to me that proper nutrition was going to be a major key to my success. Anne Guzman called me at home and laid out several possible plans. After picking the Gold Plan, I wrote down a three day nutrition log to give her an idea of what my starting point was. After looking at what my eating habits were, she again called me and we discussed the overall nutrition plan. There were simple changes, like eating carbs and drinking energy drinks on the bike (something I rarely did before out of fear it would make me fatter). There were global changes as well, like my overall intake of carbohydrates went up while fat and protein went down. Anne sent me numerous breakfast lunch and dinner recipes and suggested snacks. What made it really easy was that the meals were typically interchangeable and even when I went out to eat, there was usually something on the menu that would work for our plan.

The results have been truly amazing. In the few months that I have been working with Anne, I have experienced a nearly 30 pound weight loss and my energy level has truly gone through the roof! I rarely feel hungry and I have plenty of energy to do 4 hour rides. My wattage on the bike has increased dramatically as well. I went from a FTP of 235 watts to almost 290 in just a couple months. I also find myself setting the tempo on group rides that I used to be dropped from. Unlike my previous weight loss attempts, I feel energized and ready to lose more! One of the best things about working with Anne is her encouraging attitude. I strongly recommend signing up with Anne for a nutrition program whether you want to lose weight, or if you just feel like you could use more energy for your workouts and races.

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