Professional Triathlete

As a competitive triathlete, I ask myself at the end of every racing season “What could I have done better, and what can I improve on?”  This self reflection helps me define my goals for the next season.  Even after a good 2010 long distance triathlon season, one big regret was that I did not give 100% to what I believe is the 4th discipline in the sport of triathlon or any endurance sport; nutrition. 

I started working with Anne at NutritionSolutionsAnneGuzman/Peaks Coaching Group.  My request of her was to help me be on the best food plan that would help me train optimally, enhance my racing performance, and to increase my overall health.

Within two months of working with Nutrition Solutions, my training and recovery from tough sessions drastically improved.  Anne was instrumental in getting me to my goal weight prior to my first Half Ironman of the season which I feel contributed to my AG win and high placing overall!

Not only is Anne knowledgeable, she knows what it takes to be the best you can be and helps you along, every step of the way.  And she sure does have some tasty, fun recipes in her back pocket which helps keep me on the plan and on track.

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