Having signed up for my first Ironman I knew I needed help with that “missing link” in Triathlon – nutrition.. All of my races last season looked the same – I would feel good coming out of the swim, amazing on the bike, and by the time I hit the run course there would be nothing left in me… I had no clue how to properly fuel during a race… As well, I had already gone down the long journey of weight loss so knew about portion control, eating whole real foods, moderation on the “sweet” stuff, etc.. But – I also had a few pounds left to shed while starting my training for Mont Tremblant. Plus – how much is too much? Can I really eat ANYTHING after a 6 hour ride and 40 minute transition run? A fellow triathlete recommended Anne and THANK GOODNESS… It has changed my life and my racing... After learning about me, my likes/dislikes, my current fuel choices, and my lifestyle habits Anne has put together detailed monthly nutrition plans that make my life EASY… Working a full time job, training for an ironman, and making time for friends and family doesn’t leave a lot of room for meal planning and prep work.. But with Anne’s program the guess work is removed and I’ve got TONS of meal choices that I can work with. And some amazing new recipes to add! When travel is involved Anne is also able to offer easy on the road solutions for pre and post race nutrition needs.. For the past 2 months Anne has incorporated my “race weekend” nutrition plan around build weekends and race days so that when the time comes in August my race day is like any other Sunday! At least from a fueling perspective. I’ve lost over 15 pounds with Anne while building muscle and fitness. I’m not hungry or bored with my nutrition and I certainly do NOT feel deprived! I repeated a ½ ironman course from last year’s season and shaved 25 minutes off my official time – a large part of that was directly related to having a full tank of fuel all during the race- especially coming off the bike!
Anne’s nutrition strategy has taken me to a level of success in my training and my overall fitness that I didn’t think I could achieve this season! Going into my Ironman I’m 100% confident that I have the right fueling strategy in place to carry me through the day and across the finish line! And to top it all off – Anne’s support, positive attitude, and fabulous sense of humor have also made it a pleasure to work with her.. Even if she won’t let me eat peanut butter on the bike….

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