Brian“As a result of working with Anne I saw my personal best Ironman time improve by almost 30 minutes!”

I knew that coming into Ironman Arizona 2013, family and life commitments were going to put ironman races on hold for a while after this race.  I wanted to get the most out of this 4th Ironman experience. I had done a great amount of training and things were “on track”.  When I started working with Anne Guzman, that’s when things really started to change.  She noticed holes in my eating and foods that I was missing for proper training.  She was able to accurately diagnose my “tried and tested” methods and help me understand why they were only producing the results they were and not better.  Together we tried new methods of nutrition during training and in no time results started to happen. Anne’s menus were easy to read and detailed while at the same time educating me to have a proper athletes nutrition lifestyle, putting good foods in the body even when some of them seemed like treats.   As a result of Anne’s help I saw my personal best Ironman time improve by almost 30 minutes.  I would not hesitate to recommend Anne or work with her again.  Thanks Anne!

Bryan Gerson

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