Georgia, July, 2011

As a competitive cyclist and holder of a degree in exercise physiology I thought I knew how to eat healthy. However, I soon learned that in order to reach my potential, eating healthy isn’t enough. I need to eat to perform. This concept was a revelation.

Fortunately, a good friend recommended I contact Anne Guzman if I were really serious about reaching my full cycling potential. At first I scoffed at the idea of needing anyone’s help after having read countless books and articles during my degree study. I’d formed what I thought was a solid foundation of nutritional knowledge. But when Anne reviewed my diet, I found that some of my ideas were skewed. We discussed my goals as a cyclist, and she developed a customized eating plan of what, when, and how to eat and drink for maximum performance.

 As an open minded and educated athlete willing to try out her recommended changes, I’ve improved my energy level on the bike, my ability to recover between workouts and accelerated my fat loss. If all of my competitors knew the value of consulting a sports nutritionist like Anne, it would raise the bar for cycling. Her depth of knowledge and ability to explain technical ideas can help anyone make easy and simple changes to their diet. She helped me and now my eating is purpose driven from a performance standpoint and enjoyable from a palate standpoint.

 Cycling is an expensive sport and, as competitors, we are all looking for every advantage.  We spend thousands on aero wheels and shaving a few grams here and there to fully maximize the “performance” of the bike we race.  One of the most forgotten and cheapest “machines” we can tweak and improve is our body. My investment with Anne was small and my returns on performance were tremendous!  If you think you can’t afford a sports nutritionist I would counter by saying if you are serious about your performance then you can NOT afford to be without one.

 Working with Anne was a pleasure. She was always available by email or phone despite her busy and, what seems at times, overwhelming schedule. I can honestly say that the personal attention I received made me feel like I was her only client. Her knowledge has raised my bar of performance and her easy going and pleasant demeanor has helped enrich my life with yet another friend.  Through the whole process I have learned how to formulate my own meals and eating plan.  Knowledge was her gift to me!

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