Anne's kind,inspirational and competent demeanor made working with her to develop a plan to help me manage my serious weight problem an absolute pleasure.

What is a daunting and scary process was turned into an easy to use and supportive formula that enabled me to understand that this very important change is not only necessary, but *possible*.

Anne's wise counsel changed the way I fuel my body. I have a lot of weight to lose and had difficulty ommitting to a program because of hunger. Anne taught me how to eat (the proper mix of protein, healthy carbohydrates, veggie and fruits) to fuel my body, keep me satisfied and help cravings stay at bay while giving me a chance at weight loss success!

I have never felt satisfied while following a program in the past, and her "prescription" has enabled me to keep going strong for two months. I actually look forward to shopping for the week and preparing my meals and snacks each day while mentally committing to the continuation of this program every evening before I go to bed. My energy, happiness and confidence have already started to improve!

At Anne's prompting, I also started to increase my level of exercise with the addition of weight bearing exercises. I am delighted to see the dial move on the scale! I know that I am on a long road to health, but Anne's guidance has made it all an absolute pleasure.

I don't know how to thank you, Anne. You are brilliant!

- Stephanie Fulford, Burlington Ontario