NicoleStrongIf you’ve ever been sidelined by asthma and allergies, you know how
desperate you can become to alleviate the symptoms. How desperately you
just want to feel normal. I was willing to try anything, including a very
strict diet based upon the well-intentioned advice from a medical
professional who did not truly understand my lifestyle. Over a few years I
wore myself down, chronically under-fueled, unable to recover properly or
engage in the level of activity I wanted. I found myself in a downward
spiral, still suffering from asthma and allergies, and now horrible
recovery, poor morale, low energy, and constant blood sugar crashes. My
boyfriend packed snacks for my “code reds”.  I started avoiding riding
with friends, fearing I would have terrible legs, or wheeze the whole
time. It took me awhile to realize that instead of not being
strict enough, maybe I was on the wrong plan. Enter Anne.

Anne helped me dial in a new diet that included the right ratios of
carbohydrates, protein, fat and nutrients. She taught me how to plan
ahead and prepare for big activity weekends. I expected Anne to help me
with these aspects of nutrition, but what I did not think about, and am
most grateful for today, was the emotional support and transformation. Instead of
experiencing wariness or fear or stress at every meal, I feel relaxed and
happy, celebrating great food that I know will make me feel good and
enable me to have enough energy to ride, swim, ski and play, without “Code

We live in a day and age where people either don’t think at all about what
they put in their bodies, or are so focused on it that food almost becomes
an enemy. It would seem that everyone would benefit from science-based
nutritional advice to help not only view eating as carving a path to long
term health and vitality, but also gain the confidence and empowerment to
know you are making informed decisions based upon best available science,
not social fads or ill-suited advice.

Nicole Strong- Avid Mountain Biker

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