Supplements……claims vs reality

I receive a lot of inquiries about “supplements” from Glutamine to Beta Alanine to BCAAs and Creatine. For the most part most supplements that you see on the shelves in the nutrition stores have no significant supporting evidence to improve “ENDURANCE PERFORMANCE”. Many studies may show cellular changes in a lab setting, however often they don’t transfer to human performance and the doses required can┬ábe so high that side effects become a factor. Of the evidence and studies I have read over years the best investments after an excellent diet for natural performance enhancement sit with the following:

Fish Oil
Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium citrate (in large enough doses)
Glycerol (effects on performance not totally clear but evidence exists)

It’s all too easy for us to look at a “claim” on a supplement made by the supplement industry. It’s important to not take what you read at face value. Look deeper. Does the study have a clear hypothesis? Was the study on cells, muscle, animals? humans? Did the population that was used for the study compare to the population being marketed to? Was the study controlling variables? Was there a placebo control? Has the study been repeated and have the same results been replicated in a controlled setting? DID IT IMPROVE PERFORMANCE???

There are a lot of factors to look at!
The supplement industry is not highly regulated.
Don’t get sucked into the hype. SAVE your money and focus on good nutrition and ergogenic aids proven to improve endurance performance!

I’m a big believer in athletes supplementing with spirulina, fish oils, organic whey protein and a B vitamin Complex. Caffeine certainly has it’s place and should be used if well tolerated as it has significant data to back it’s ability to help endurance performance.

If you do purchase supplements remember, it’s our responsibility as athletes t
o look well into the company we purchase from. I’d recommend not even purchasing any product from a company that manufactures hormones or pro hormones in their factory at all! Why take the risk!

Until next time, don’t be fooled into spending money on supplements with claims that have not been proven to improve performance! Eat well, train hard and focus on what you can control! YOU! Your training! Your rest! Your mind!


See you on the roads.


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