Spring into Spring with a Mini Detox!

With Spring upon us it’s a great time to do some “house cleaning!”. Join me on a mini detox! It’s fun and you get to eat delicious whole foods with no added chemicals or empty calories! Just complete NOURISHMENT! A cleanse similar to this is simple to do. If you simply do it for 1-3 days you should feel fantastic!

I’ll be starting my day today with the “Master Cleanse” made up of purified water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1tbsp of PURE maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper. This will help to get our digestive juices flowing and send them out do scavenge the blood and digest toxins. Wait a while to eat breakfast and get your day started on this alone. Let your body get hungry as the digestive juices do their work! Wait for your stomach gurgle and feel empty. Been a while since you did that? Great! It’s a refreshing change to always having a full belly!

When you are hungry, it’s time for a fruit/veggie smoothie.  Get creative! This morning I had 3/4 of an apple, 1/2 a fresh orange, 1/2 banana, 1 packet of Isagreens powder and 1/2 packet of Isalean Shake (http://anneguzman.isagenix.com/ca/en/isaleanshake_new.dhtml)  which has organic whey protein, B vitamins, flax meal and digestive enzymes and acidophillus in it! I added purified water, a few frozen peaches for ice cubes and 1 tbsp of hemp oil! VOILA! PURE, WHOLE, GOODNESS!

I’ll be drinking lots of purified water today or purified water with Daily Cleanse for Life Powder (http://anneguzman.isagenix.com/ca/en/cleanseforlife_new.dhtml) which has botanicals and herbs as tumeric and burdock to help grab toxins out of fat cells and cleanse the organs naturally, as well as Aloe Vera inner leaf gel which supports the immune system and soothes the digestive tract and Ionic Alfafa concentrate which is a blend of trace minerals. When hungry I’ll have 1 apple chopped with cinnamon and a giant bowl of steamed Kale with chopped fresh pineapple tossed in with some of it’s fresh juices.

Dinner will be a nice medley of steamed veggies. I”ll likely use spinach, kale, beets, onions, garlic, ginger, and maybe a touch of fresh pineapple mixed in! On the side I’ll have one poached egg with a soft yolk sprinkled with Himalayan Sea Salt.

The goal is whole easy to digest foods. I don’t eat meat of any kind while cleansing (I barely eat meat anyhow!) as it is not easy to digest. I stick with the Isalean organic whey for easy digestion. Some times I will poach an egg or two with dinner.

Be sure to remember that the purpose of a cleanse is to give the digestive system a REST. We are constantly putting food into our bodies and the digestive organs rarely get a chance to detoxify and rest. THIS IS THEIR TIME!

A cleanse is typically low in calories. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU ARE NOT TRAINING WHILE CLEANSING! It goes against the entire premise of RESTING THE BODY. You are not fueling your body properly to train and recover. By training hard and cleansing you simple ADD stress to the body by putting it under stress while not consuming appropriate calories for the activity or recovery. This is not good for the body or for your training. So the rule of thumb is CLEANSE ON AN OFF WEEK! 🙂

Lastly if you do NOT have bowels that move regularly (at least once daily!) you should take a herbal accelerator to help move the bowels. (Since I’m most familiar with Isagenix I know they use one called “The Accelerator”. This is NOT a laxative rather herbs that help to soften the stools so that they can be excreted more easily. Cleansing while constipated is like turning the oven cleaning mode on and keeping all of the windows closed. You free up a lot of toxins into the body but don’t get them out. This can cause you to feel WORSE. So adhere to the rule of being sure you are eliminating before starting a cleanse.  Also while cleansing, if you typically eat a lot of processed foods with chemicals, you may stir up a lot of toxins. For some this can cause feelings of nausea and flu like symptoms. Again, rest AND drink lots of water to help move toxins out! 

With the sun shining I just enjoyed my first smoothie of the day and am feeling very vibrant and alive with all of the goodness!

Give it a try! And be sure to stay SUPER hydrated!

Start with a mini 1-3 day cleanse with similar food choices to those above and notice the life force that you gain from all of these nutrient dense foods!

Have any unique cleansing smoothie ideas? Share them with our readers here!

Until next time, keep the food choices clean and refreshing and fuel your body like it’s the only one you have! Because it is :).


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