Race Day Plans (Customized by Weight) + 30m Consult


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The Plan Includes:

  • Step by step Pre-Race Day and Race Day nutrition
  • Plans based specifically for your weight!
  • Have control over every aspect of your fuel! Leave nothing to chance!
  • Finish strong with stamina and power!
Do you want to have control of your body’s performance onRace Day? Want to feel powerful from start to finish? Do you need a specific nutrition plan in order to have the confidence that you are completely prepared to perform at your best? Do you want the best fuel at the right times in order to get the best result you can? Whether your big event is a Centurion, Gran Fondo, Road Race, Marathon or Triathlon, Race Day will assure that you have the fuel in the tank to finish with power! Created specifically for your weight and your endurance event, Race Day has set out a complete nutrition plan for the entire day both on Pre-Race and Race DayRace Day includes an hour by hour detailed explanation of what to eat/drink when you wake up on the morning of the event all the way through the event, and includes proper recovery nutrition for after your event! Race Day has been created based on the most current Sports Nutrition Science and is sure to have you leaving those unprepared in the dust! Gain control over your success! Purchase your Race Day plan TODAY!

100lbs / 45kgs, 110lbs / 50kgs, 120lbs / 55kgs, 130lbs / 59kgs, 140lbs / 64kgs, 150lbs / 68kgs, 160lbs / 73kgs, 170lbs / 77kgs, 180lbs / 82kgs, 190lbs / 86kgs, 200lbs / 91kgs


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