• 30 or 60 minute one on one with Anne to answer your most important nutrition questions!
  • Did you buy a pre-made plan? Try it out for a week, gather some questions, then book a consult to customize this plan more to you!
  • A great opportunity to learn and get the important information you need pertaining to your specific goals (ex. stage racing? anti-inflammation? triathlons? recovery?)
  • Anne will arrange that you send her the topics you wish to discuss in order of importance during your time together
  • *Clients will receive a pdf with details of their chosen topics of discussion from NSAG

+ 30 minute consult, +60 minute consult

4 reviews for Nutrition Consultations

  1. Aaron Mooney
    5 out of 5


    My recent nutrition consultation with Anne was worth every penny! Although I have a strong background of knowledge in nutrition, Anne made some key suggestions that really have focused me on areas where I can make improvements to my current plan! Specifically, Anne discussed how to eat as an athlete, not just healthy eating. She answered all of my burning questions and the session never felt rushed. I was so happy with the interaction that I have decided to pursue a custom nutrition plan with Anne.

  2. Nancy Kelley
    5 out of 5


    Working with Anne was a total pleasure! My husband and I were seeking advice on how to improve on our daily diet and Anne listened carefully to our dietary issues, sensitively suggested concrete and attainable steps we could take, and offered practical ideas as how we could accomplish our goals. It was clearly NOT “one size fits all” advice, but rather Anne took the time to get to know us, and to tailor her meal suggestions to our lifestyles. We also admired the breadth and depth of Anne’s knowledge, and her honesty with us. We felt that Anne “knew her stuff,” but was also comfortable adding her own experience in places where she felt the current guidelines could be better. After our hour-long skype consultation with Anne, both my husband and I felt envigorated and now a month later, we are still firmly committed to her dietary plan. This successful adaptation is all to Anne’s credit.
    Try it yourself! You will experience the same top quality in your consult with Anne!!

  3. Chas Day
    5 out of 5


    Anne did a GREAT job helping me with nutrition recommendations. I was interested in general health but particularly interested in anti-inflammatory suggestions. Anne knows inflammatory foods and is well-prepared to discuss these foods. She had very specific recommendations for anti-inflammatory foods and supplements. The consultation was focused and very informative. I highly recommend a consultation with Anne.

  4. Lou Hablas
    5 out of 5


    Anne is awesome! As a year-end vow to regain lost fitness AND specifically become as bike fit as ever brought me to Training Peaks and a 16-week plan by Hunter Allen, a parallel vow to lose 10 pounds and eat more healthy brought me to Anne. The cycling plan has me on the bike 5-7 days/week; some WO’s are easy, but many of them are intense and/or long. I knew mixing a fairly long training plan with a standard calorie intake meal plan might lead to feeling fatigued over time, so I reached out to Anne for a consult and it was time/money well spent. First, as an elite athlete she gets it. Second, coupled with her knowledge of nutrition and training, she was able to make recommendations that accommodated my training energy needs as well as my goal to lose weight.

    On all fronts, I couldn’t be happier. Between Hunter’s and Anne’s plans, my FTP # has improved 35+ points, I’ve lost 5 pounds, and at the young age of 51, I feel energetic as ever. As others have noted, a consult with Anne is definitely worth it.

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