In October of 2008, on a Sunday morning mountain bike ride with a friend, I missed the landing on a small jump and broke my back, rendering myself paralyzed from the chest down. Determined to stay active and set goals, I learned how to swim, bike and run with just my arms, and went on to complete my first triathlon just two years after my accident. Three years later, in August of 2013, I became the first Canadian paraplegic to successfully complete a full Ironman race, taking 2nd place in a time of 12:32:54, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Currently, even though I am in the best shape of my life, I realize that proper nutrition is key to optimum fueling and recovery, and any weight that I don’t have to push with my arms, will translate into faster times and better results. In just four weeks of working with Anne, I began to see improvements in my energy levels, recovery, and body weight. Determined to find the limits of my ability, I look forward to learning how to dial in my nutrition over the long-term, and hope to make it to Kona by 2016.

Robert Buren - Canada’s First Paraplegic Ironman (Louisville Kentucky, 2013)