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Have you ever put SO much time into your training, only to fall apart during your big ride or event due to poor nutrition? Did you decide to just “play it by ear”? Have you BONKED? CRAMPED? RUN OUT OF GAS? Have you finished frustrated because you trained so hard, yet didn’t have the nutrition to power you through the finish line? It doesn’t have to end this way! You just need a RACE DAY PLAN!

There are 3 main elements you need to have a solid nutrition foundation. You need good DAILY NUTRITION made up of the right macro-nutrients (carbs/proteins/fats), you need good TRAINING NUTRITION, from carbohydrates and you need good HYDRATION. And you need a PLAN that you can EXECUTE.

The general guideline to follow for eating during training is to eat  1-1.7gr/carbohydrates per minute while training. This does not include an easy smell the roses 60minute ride where you would not require eating and would simply drink electrolytes in your bottles or water depending on if you even sweat.

1-1.7gr/carbs per minute is the same as 60-100grams of carbs per hour.  Over 60grams can be absorbed when a carbohydrate is made up of more than only glucose (which you can only absorb 60gr/hour of). So for example products with sucrose, dextrose, maltodextrin etc. you can absorb up to 100gr/hour. Most products these days have more than one carbohydrate source in them as do most foods.

Here are a few examples of what this could look like so that you can create your own combos. The trick here is to play around with this in training. Find out what you need for a hard 3-4 hour ride and what keeps you feeling strong all the way to the end. Don’t think that just because you are small you need to stick to 60gr/hour. Chrissie Wellington multiple time Ironman World Champion consumes 90gr/carbs per hour and she may weight 105 ish pounds? (she is not a big person at all if you haven’t seen her! She just has a nice big smile!). So it’s about your effort and your tank and what it takes to keep it fueled for performance.

eload (1 bottle 27gr) + 1 large banana (50gr) = 77grams of carbohydrates

eload (1 bottle 27gr) + 1 gel (26gr) + 1 package of Honey Stinger Chews (39gr) = 92grams of carbohydrates

eload (1 bottle 27gr) + 4 Fig Newman Cookies x 4 (48gr)  = 75grams of carbohydrates

eload (1 bottle 27gr) + 1 small potato (1-3/3 to 2 inches) (25gr) = 52grams of carbohydrates

You can replace these items with foods or products you choose, but do pay attention to your consumption, especially as you get tired in the later hours of the ride when athletes tend to STOP eating and drinking. Don’t stop. The rule is start “early and often” on long training rides. And also to pay attention to your nutrition the day before the race or big training ride.

Don’t get left behind!

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