Preparation! Key To Success!

Getting ready for a busy weekend? I know I am! I’m busy from morning til night with a yoga course! How am I getting ready? Preparing my food in advance! Save yourself some money and get in the same habit! I put my timer on and prepared food for most of 2 days. Here is a lot of what I prepped, with an actual picture! All in under 30 minutes I am set for the weekend! Shakes for breakfast made with frozen berries, Isagenix Isalean and almond milk, 2 types of sandwiches, egg and turkey and goat’s feta with spicy hummus on sourdough/oat bread will be lunch, celery and nut butter or hummus and fruit for snacks and pure clean water for hydration! Preparation is so key in succeeding with good nutrition. It also saves you countless dollars by reducing eating out several times over the weekend! Most likely you will also eat much more nutritious foods!
Take the time to prep some food for your busy weekend and watch your wallet grow and your waistline shrink!
Until next time…..
Keep it real healthy!

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