Post Workout Recovery MELON MANIA!

Post workout snacks/meals should be both high glycemic and contain easy to digest protein. Generally you are looking for a low fat meal with low fiber. The meal should be consumed in the 30-60minute after completion of training for optimal glycogen replenishment and muscle repair.

Although most fruit is not high glycemic by nature, melons rank quite high.  A nice post workout smoothie idea is vanilla cold pressed organic whey protein blended with fresh canteloupe and ice. It’s simple, tastes great and hits the mark from a nourishment persepective.

Here is an example of what this shake would break down as for a 120lb athlete requiring 1.2grams of carbohydrates and approx .25grams of protein per kg post workout for up to 1-5 hours depending on the duration and intensity of the training/race. Protein 15grams, Carbohydrates 65grams. Calculate your recovery shake needs based on 1.2 grams of carbohydrates per kg and .25gr of protein and enjoy!

Recovery Smoothie:

4.5 cups of chopped canteloupe

1/2 scoop of whey protein

ice / water


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