Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! I wish you a wonderful weekend wherever you are! Just remember to keep things in moderation! You can always have left overs in the form of a great turkey and cranberry sandwich, turkey and stuffing with veggies, or whatever you will be having this weekend! If you keep the portions a normal size and don’t over do it you will be exactly where you left off come Monday morning. Just spread the goodness out over a few days. Christmas meals are typically quite healthy! It’s the dessert that gets us. And the over eating, more so than WHAT is on the plate! (unless of course everything is swimming in gravy ;)) A good rule…simply eat until you are no longer hungry, rather than until you are busting out full! Then have another great Christmas meal the next night! I bet you will feel better this way, hands down! Who likes the food coma? I certainly don’t!

Do have a piece of your traditional family dessert though! Again it’s all about moderation. If there is a great pie at your dinner table this weekend, have a slice! Just not half the pie :)! In my family the winner is hands down my mom’s BUTTER TARTS! But I know full well if I pound a few back I will be in a sugar coma in no time and out for the night! But just one and I am good to go! Again…leftovers! OK who are we kidding…the butter tarts never last in the Guzman household!

Whatever your sport of choice is, give yourself a day off and don’t feel guilty about it! Enjoy the company of your friends and family and have a great holiday weekend. Once Monday rolls around…that’s right…get that focus back and get running, spinning or swimming into a STRONG POWERFUL 2012!!

Until Next time….have a great weekend!


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