Keeping The Fluids Up During Trainer Season!

Up here in the Great North the weather has had us inside for a few days on the trainer (minus those hardened riders riding in the rain!) If you find yourself starting to put in more time on the trainer be sure to be cognizant of your hydration! Often we don’t realize just how much fluid and electrolytes we lose during a trainer workout. A good guideline (although we all have individual sweat rates and require different amounts of hydration and electrolytes) is to weigh yourself with no clothes on both before and after your trainer workout. Post workout, for every pound of fluid lost, consume 1.5 cups of electrolyte and water solution. There are many products on the market that offer electrolytes without the carbohydrates such as Nuun, Eload Zone Caps, and Elete electrolyte add in to mention a few I have tried. Read the directions carefully to correspond with the volume of water you are mixing the product into.  Don’t underestimate the fatigue and lack of power that can correspond with dehydration. Stay on top of your fluid and electrolyte intake this trainer season!

Until next time 🙂
Keep the rubber side down and the fluid coming in!

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