Having a “Cold One” this weekend? Try ORGANIC BEER!

Enjoying the long weekend with a few cold “pops”…try organic beer! At approx 150 calories per 12 oz, organic beer offers more nutritional benefits than conventional beer. Less chemicals, more flavanoids and organic beer is made with hops and barley grown without pesticides. Brewers believe that organic ingredients allow for better taste due to better fermentation. Although I’m not a big beer drinker I’ve been told organic beers tastes better as well. If you are someone who is focused on improving their health, choosing organic is always a great choice. Now don’t get me wrong if you drink too many of them you will still get a headache and hangover! However you simply won’t have added all of the EXTRA chemicals to your body.
Of course I suggest you drink in moderation. 1-3 beers should be great for a long weekend celebration. Or maybe alternate with water? (Actually don’t people in the USA pretty much drink water for beer anyways? lol)

If you haven’t given organic beer a try, here are some of the top listed products in the coolers;

PEAK Organic Brewing Company ( I mean I think we ALL HAVE TO TRY THIS ONE! PEAK beer? Really?! Maple Oat is a favorite made with real maple syrup of course!)

Eel River Brewing Company IPA “be natural drink naked!”

Wolaver’s  “light and fruity seasonal brew)

Pinkus – German Ale

Butte Creek Brewing Company – (a portion of sales donated to Chinook salmon restoration efforts)

Stone Mill Pale Ale-100% organic barley malt

Lakefront Brewery – also offer a gluten free beer!

Samuel Smith Ale – known for it’s Nut Brown Ale and Imperial Stout

(At 150 cals per bottle each beer will take you about 20 minutes to burn off, depending on your intensity on the bike 🙂

Have a great Canada Day weekend and enjoy responsibly!


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