Guzman’s Gourmet Pizza! Great for Big Training Weekends!


Yes that’s right! I’m recommending PIZZA! Pizza has been given a bad wrap due to their typical high fat content. Most pizzas are loaded with cheese and for meat lovers often have high fat meats such as bacon and pepperoni or sausage. BUT don’t fear, you can still enjoy a nice pizza and incorporate it into a big training weekend, whilst reaping the benefits of healthy ingredients and a good dose of carbohydrates!

Here’s my favorite recipe these days. Note that you can make your own pizza dough or purchase one of many pre made pizza dough’s on the market today to keep preparation time to a minimum. It all depends on how many pizzas you are making, how many ingredients you will need.

This one is made with a pre made dough as time is short these days! And I needed to write this blog 🙂 with that extra time :).


-Pizza dough


-Kalamata Olives

-Baby Bok Choy


-Gaot’s Cheese



-Thawed shrimp ( I used about 20)

Put all the toppings on spread them out well. Be careful when you transfer to the oven as it’s heavy! So place your hands right under it as you slide it off the plate or put it on a pizza slate. I put it right on the grill. You can also BBQ it. Cook for about 15 minutes on 350F or until the crust is crisp right into the center of the bottom of the pizza. Remove, cut, enjoy once cool enough to bite into! This makes great left overs or a great team dinner! It’s simple, not a lot of prep but boasts a lot of flavor! Add some sun dried tomatoes or lean turkey sausage to mix up the flavors! There are also many great gluten free pizza crust recipes on the internet for those who require a gluten free pizza.

Bon Appetit!

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