Get Back ON! It’s Tuesday morning GO TIME!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! If you were able to keep it together from a food perspective…bravo! If not…well…hey…you fell off the horse..just GET BACK ON..and soon. As in tomorrow morning soon. If you got sucked into one too many pieces of pie (or butter tarts! I swear someone forced them on me!) one too many servings of stuffing….and one too many drinks…I’m sure you are not feeling so hot. That alone can often serve as great motivation to GET BACK ON! And if it doesn’t….well you have me :). I can be the little angel on your shoulder! Here is the plan.

First off…if you have a fridge full of desserts staring you in the face you have two choices. FREEZE THEM (unless you are the type who will simply open the freezer by midnight and nuke them and eat them! In which case GIVE THEM AWAY! Get them OUT OF SIGHT! Bring them to the office, to a friend (perhaps not one trying to stick to a plan!). JUST GET THEM OUT OF SIGHT, REACH, AND MIND! Step one. Complete. Trust me this one is big and important :).

Tuesday morning will roll around sooner than you know it..and it’s GO TIME! How are you going to switch off  of this “roll” you got on this weekend? Simple. Start the day off right. Don’t let a few days of off the cuff diet throw you into a snowball of a week…or two. Rather tomorrow morning be SURE to start the day off with a very healthy wholesome meal!

Some simple foods will be a great idea to start the day. Perhaps a bowl of oatmeal with some chopped up apple, a 1/2 cup of greek yogurt, cinnamon and a drizzle of 1tbsp of pure maple syrup? Another option, how about some quinoa with yogurt and fresh berries, sprinkled with unsweetened coconut? Need something quicker? Throw together a healthy smoothie! Some unsweetened rice milk or soy/almond milk with a banana, whey protein, some nut butter and a tbsp of psyllium! I’ll be having my  Isalean shake with unsweetened rice milk, 1 cup of strawberries and half of a frozen banana! Whatever your choice will be, don’t divert. Decide tonight and stick to it. Have your snacks handy for the day, don’t get sucked into a sweet drink at the cafe or a fat laden muffin. It’s all too easy to get on a roll once you throw a weekend away! A sweet tooth truly can become addictive.  You have to put the brakes on and do it in one day.

Snack ideas? Rice crackers and hummus, a fresh fruit and some almonds, dates and a bit of almond butter, fresh cut veggies and tahini or tzatziki. If you didn’t make it to the grocery store over the the holiday weekend and the fridge is a bit bare…I can bet almost everyone has oatmeal in the house! Make a pit stop on the way to work or at lunch and grab your snack foods and a healthy lunch! Didn’t have time to make lunch? Subway is a good option. How about a 6 inch grilled chicken sub with veggies, no cheese, some green olives and honey mustard?  A fruit on the side is great. That can fill the spot for the day! Just don’t get sucked into the cookie and Lays chips combo 🙂 ! Another quick option? Have a Chipotle near by? Head in and have a rice “bowl.” Ditch the wrap, ask for extra veggies, 1 cup of rice, some beans and the chunky fresh salsa, squeeze lemon on top and HOLD THE SOUR CREAM! Keep on driving right on by that pizza place calling your name..and definitely accelerate past the burger joint! Keep your eyes straight ahead…focus on the goal. HEALTH.

Often times when we have a few bad days of eating we tend to slide into a bit of a pattern. Sugar can cause you to want more sugar. It’s legit. Nip it in the butt. TOMORROW MORNING. No excuses. Decide now what is for breakfast and stick to it. It’s a CHOICE. Make the right one. WE BOTH KNOW you will feel SO much better about it once the day is complete, you have eaten well..and you know you are BACK ON TRACK!
Remember, all of your hard training needs to be backed up by great nutrition! So think about the POWER, the WEIGHT, and the POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO! If that helps to get you on track!

Feel free to let me know how you did! Comments are always welcome on my blog!

Until next time…

The little angel on your shoulder…keeping you in check 🙂


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