Every Successful Plan Begins with Preparation…Even Making Sandwiches in the Busy Holiday Season :)!


A quick tip in this hectic holiday season! When you are go go go consider making the filling of your sandwich for a few days rather than just today. If you like a nice egg sandwich, instead of just boiling 2 eggs boil 6. Peel them and mash them all at once (I like to mash them with cottage cheese or plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise). Split the mix into 3 servings and put the 2 extras in a covered bowl in the fridge.. Tomorrow when you are go go go you can save that time boiling eggs or preparing tuna (I also use cottage cheese for tuna sandwiches) by just reaching for the bowl and filling your sandwich. You could even decide to have your lettuce ready and some sliced tomatoes. All prepared for 2-3 days at your fingertips. And voila done! Opt for a healthy bread whem making sandwiches. Steer clear of white bread.  Try Ezekiel bread (found in the freezer section) or a 100% whole wheat bread. Be sure the whole wheat bread is 100% whole wheat and that this is also the first ingredient. “Natural” doesn’t mean 100% whole wheat.

Don’t get sucked into the trap of having no prepared lunch and bailing for a less than optimal fast food stop 🙁 that will leave you feeling less than optimal.  Save time and prep for a few days. You will reap the benefits of saving money and improving your overall health! It’s a win win!

A successful plan begins with preparation.

Have a great day! And wherever you are, have a glass of water! 🙂

Anne 🙂

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