As athletes digestion is especially important to us as we need to be sure to absorb those extra nutrients we are taking in for energy and repair of our bodies. Over the coming weeks I will be giving you some information on digestion. Today is a simple tip. CHEW YOUR FOOD! Carbohydrate digestion begins in your mouth! Your saliva has an enzyme called amylase in it that is part of the chemical conversion of starches into sugars. Foods such as potatoes and breads can start to feel sweeter in the mouth as you chew them as the process of chemical breakdown is in process.

In today’s world we are often eating standing, or on the run or while driving. In which case we are eating so fast that we forget literally to chew more than a few times. Often choking on our food is a sign that we are eating too fast :). In fact you should not require a glass of water with your meal to wash it down. Remember, YOUR STOMACH HAS NO TEETH! Chewing your food is an important part of the digestion process. The better your digestion the more you will be able to reap the┬ánutritional┬ábenefits of the foods you are eating!

So let’s start simply… of today CHEW your food until it is like a paste in your mouth! Then swallow. Just like that you have improved your digestion. Stay tuned for more ways to improve your digestion!

Until then remember “shop the perimeter” when at the grocery store. Those whole foods are the ones that require chewing :)! We were given teeth for a reason!

NSAG…..wishing you a beautiful Friday wherever you are!

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