Like most things in life…deciding to improve your nutrition really does require some mental fortitude and desire to CHANGE. I was told once by a Sports Psychologist friend Mike Garth (, that in order to change, the consequence of NOT CHANGING needs to be big enough to force the decision to change (something along that line!). The point being, often times if there doesn’t seem to be an obvious consequence to what you are currently is often more difficult to actually change. In this case I am referring to your nutrition.

I’d have to agree. And in agreeing I challenge you to look closer at the consequences that may not be glaring. When it comes to health, and deterioration of health, it is not an OVERNIGHT occurrence. For some it can take years of putting empty calorie non nutritious foods in their bodies before they actually see a side effect so strong that it forces them into change. The changes in energy may have been there all along, but for most this won’t push them into a lifestyle change. Oddly enough though, knowing this, I am amazed at the amount of times i hear “I was just told I have Type II diabetes, I don’t understand what happened.” Really? Well let’s sit down and take a look what you have been throwing down the hatchet.

There is a large DISCONNECT in today’s society between what we put on our plates and in our mouths and HOW WE FEEL. Both emotionally and physically and spiritually. Don’t fool yourself. YOUR BODY IS CREATED FROM THE FOODS YOU PUT IN IT. Yes..we have all heard it, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Whoever said this first…wasn’t kidding.

Every cell in your body, requires nutrients to build it. The choices you make EVERY day DECIDE if these cells will be good, mediocre, unhealthy or GREAT! I like to picture my cells as little face icons. If i eat empty calories such as pastries and white bread all of the time I make sad cells, weak cells ­čÖü but if i nourish my body with healthy choices like quinoa, fresh fruits,┬ávegetables and fresh water, I create strong happy cells . Sure that is a simply way to think, but if you can build your body up with strong happy cells, every tissue in your body becomes stronger, your mood is better and your overall energy is better.

I remember one year in the fall I rode my old beater bike continuing all through the winter…I didn’t clean it much…and it was slowly getting in worse condition, and eventually I hung it up and left it there until next fall. (If you have done this you know what is coming!) I’m not sure what I was thinking that my bike would be in good condition next fall! Deep down I knew I was being lazy! Period! As the chain was slowly getting rusty…and dirty had crept into many crevaces on the bike, it’s condition was slowly deteriorating. Sure enough when I did go to take it on the road the chain was so rusty that it busted…but really HOW COULD I POSSIBLY EXPECT IT TO BE IN GOOD SHAPE AFTER THE WAY I TREATED IT!? If I had actually said “I don’t get it..i can’t believe I have to get a new chain..maybe even a new derailler etc,” well that would simply have been ignorant of me! The bottom line is I GOT LAZY!…and I let it slowly corrode and then SOMETHING HAD TO GIVE! Well your body is the same. Yes…we get LAZY too.

When I started writing today my point was this. In life, often we need something to go WRONG in order to force us into change. In fact our biggest transformations in life come through struggle…not when everything is skipping along nicely. Strength and growth come through turbulent times. However nutrition is tricky this way…it can slowly eat away at you an them WHAMMO….your heart…your pancreas…your colon…anything..can give. It’s not like this constant struggle for most..rather a slow deterioration that we don’t really notice..until that day..when we NOTICE!

Sometimes in life it is us who needs to MAKE a decision, before it needs to be made for us. It is difficult. But perhaps being able to┬áFORESEE┬áthat consequence and knowing that you don’t want to allow your body to become this unhealthy, can trigger you to make the lifestyle changes that you KNOW deep down you should be making. If you listen to your gut…you likely know can make better choices.

So sit with yourself and ask yourself how you treat your body? Remember that YES..what you eat DOES create that body you need to walk, ride, run and live in every day. THERE IS NO DISCONNECT between food and health. THEY ARE ONE. There is no disconnect between performance and health. They too..are ONE.

Don’t underestimate the power of nutrition. On your body and mind. ┬áDECIDE, empower yourself, to make some positive changes starting today, so that you can build a strong, healthy body and mind for many years to come. Decisions are empowering, and once you make one, that alone can start you off in the right direction.

It IS your decision to make.

Until next time…

I’m going to make some happy cells!┬á

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