Build Your HOUSE On A ROCK


Great health begins with your FOUNDATION. Build your house on a ROCK, so that when it gets hit with stress it can handle it due to it’s strong foundation. Nutrition does not have to be difficult and confusing. Wipe away all the crazy diet books and extreme methods you have read about to get healthy. No more cabbage diets or grapefruit diets or starvation anything diets! Anything that can’t be sustained….won’t be sustained :).  GET BACK TO BASICS. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains such as quinoa, wheat berries, teff, amaranth, beans, WATER, eggs.  Take a look in your fridge tonight. How much processed food is there? Open your cupboards…are they full of packaged and canned goods? I challenge you to take out EVERY PROCESSED FOOD from your fridge and cupboards and see what is left? Just for a fun experiment. That includes milk, yogurt, crackers, cereal, cookies, bread. Just so you can get an idea of how much truly unprocessed food you eat regularly. How much of your food is fresh? Full of live enzymes and life force? Why don’t we take this week to get back to building a strong foundation, starting with whole nutrient dense foods. Add some fresh produce to your meal plan every day. Start eating beans and whole grains such as quinoa. Drink fresh water instead of soda or sugary juices. Choose one goal a week. For example; week one, add 1 fresh fruit a day and 1 cup of veggies at dinner, week 2 add 2 fruits a day and 2 cups of veggies at dinner, week 3 add 3 fresh fruits and 3 cups at veggies at dinner. Start with simple steps until you create a new routine. A new “lifestyle” that can be maintained for LIFE! Move onto the next step once you have mastered the previous one. BUILD YOUR HOUSE ON A ROCK!!! You only get one house for your body. Don’t let it be the house that will easily fall apart…get sick..get run down. Become more resilient, weather proof yourself with your strong nutritional foundation. Start now not later.

Nsag 🙂

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