About Anne Guzman and Nutrition Solutions

NSAG – Nutritionsolutionsanneguzman educates clients through evidence based nutrition. My goal is to leave clients with practical applications that work with their lives, whether they are competitive athletes or active adults. I work with many levels of athletes as well as active adults who simply want to improve their nutrition, improve energy, lose weight or manage other health concerns.

I really believe that no two people are the same. We all have our genetics, our own history with dieting and our own unique lifestyles. I aim to make your program work for you. It is important that you enjoy the foods and recipes on your plan and that they fit your lifestyle and goals, whether you are on the road racing or at home and busy with a family and work commitments.

I believe in simple eating and getting back to real foods, rather than following the trends of processed low nutrient food choices that fill our supermarket shelves today. I make a point to educate clients on the benefits of eating whole foods as well as helping clients understand modern day myths about nutrition and diets which are often perpetuated by the media.

As a health and fitness enthusiast and long-time athlete, my interest in human kinetics led me to the University of Western Ontario where I graduated with my degree in Kinesiology. Following this I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and have continued to stay up to date with the latest scientific research in nutrition and sports nutrition ever since.

I believe that athletes often undermine their hard training by not fueling their bodies with proper nutrition nor timing their nutrient intake optimally for maximal performance gains. I help athletes to get the extra edge in their sports by teaching them sound routines that they can carry with them throughout their race seasons, while also creating customized plans for them based on their training and racing schedules or lifestyles.

Having competed as both a Varsity Freestyle Wrestler and as a Professional Road Cyclist, I understand what it means to be an athlete. I competed in the professional road cycling scene from 2008-2012 and have raced both nationally and internationally. I have had many opportunities to use my own body as an experiment for recovery and race nutrition and understand the demands of hard racing and training at an elite level both physically and mentally. I still experiment with new evidence based products on the market and continue to stay up to date with the latest products and research within the Sports Nutrition and Nutrition fields while continuing to ride road, cyclocross and mountain bikes whenever the Canadian weather allows!

I combine my passion for Nutrition with my passion for writing and also work as a freelance writer published in Bicycling Magazine, Pedal Magazine, Canadian Cycling Magazine, ESPN-W on line, and PezCyclingNews.com online.

My clients can attest to my attention to detail, relentless motivation and ability to teach nutrition in a manner that is simple, easy to execute and that produces results in both performance and in overall health.