Athlete Octane- “That’s one nutrient dense tart little orange shot!”

As a Sports Nutrition Consultant at Peaks Coaching Group and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I am constantly working with athletes who are training hard on a regular basis and putting a ton of stress on their bodies.  I’m careful in what products I recommend to clients as the supplement industry is highly unregulated and makes a lot of unsupported “claims”. I make sure that athletes and clients are getting good quality in whatever supplements they do purchase, and I stand behind Athlete Octane on their quality and ingredients. I’ve recently experienced using Athlete Octane myself and truly felt the difference in my energy and recovery, even when on a good nutrition plan. I especially noticed when I stopped using it. Which is usually the “telling” moment. Athlete Octane replenishes a lot of vitamins and minerals that the athlete depletes on a daily basis, and can truly help you keep your immune system in check with a hefty 750mg dose of Vitamin C per ounce! As well it replenishes B vitamins also known as the “stress” vitamins, which are an important part of the energy creation processes in the body. It’s liquid form allows for easy absorption and it’s base of grape seed oil is genius. “That’s one nutrient dense tart little orange shot!”

It is quite rare that I publicly promote supplements unless I’ve experienced them myself to be great, or they have a lot of scientific data backing them.
I’m here to say Athlete Octane is impressive! Check and follow @athleteoctane on twitter for updates on the product!
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