Americans eat Approximately 100 ACRES!! of PIZZA PER DAY! 350 SLICES PER SECOND!!

Everyone loves pizza!  It is estimated that Americans eat 100 ACRES of pizza a day or approximately 350 slices a second!  WOW! Now that’s a popular food!  Pizza is a $32+ BILLION per year industry!!

Pizza does have an amazing taste! But I must say I think I make better home made pizza than what I can buy anywhere! You can customize so well when you make it home made! And of course you can seriously improve the nutrition factor by reducing the fat content from all of the typical cheese and oil. You CAN make pizza a good nutrition choice!  TONE DOWN the 2lbs of cheese on the pizza and load it with veggies and lean protein such as chicken, tofu or shrimp! Sprinkle Parmesan on top instead of loading on the mozzarella! Gluten free crusts are more and more available every day and there are so many on line gluten free pizza crust recipes as well.

I personally use goat’s cheese on my pizza’s or no cheese. That may sound boring but I’ve had some pretty delicious pizzas with simply olive oil, fresh herbs and veggies! I use pesto as my base often, as a change from the typical red pizza sauce. I often used thawed shrimp, chopped tomatoes, kalamata olives, onions and zucchini to finish it off.  I’ve made pizza on wraps and home made pizza crust and when I’m pressed for time I will also by pre-made pizza dough!

Experiment with home made pizza. It can be a fun dinner to make with the family and get the kids involved! Or with friends or teammates. Left overs are easy to heat up and bring to work as well.  If you simply choose the ingredients wisely and go light on the cheese, pizza can be a regular part of your nutrition plan. Use foods with a lot of flavor and you truly don’t need much cheese at all! You may surprise yourself! Just watch, soon you will be bragging to friends about how you make the “BEST PIZZA!”

Until next time….you must be one of the people eating one of those 350 slices PER SECOND! So enjoy! And share your favorite pizza ingredients here to give us all new ideas!


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