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Sticky Rice and Raspberry Jam Bars

rice bar 2

rice bar 3


Ride food can get expensive. Rice bars are an easy to digest and very affordable option. Low in fiber and fat, white rice and potatoes are both excellent training food options.

Of course gels have their place when breathing is heavy and you just can’t be chewing on anything during a hard effort. But for many athletes,  rice bars are a top choice and are great on the GI tract. Especially on long rides or races where 10-12 gels can really start to get to your guts not to mention the boredom of the same thing all day long.

Use calrose or arborio ‘sticky’ rice to make the bars or they will fall apart. For these I layered half the rice on the bottom, then the jam, then more rice on top. I could have put extra rice on top to create more of a ‘center’ to them as well.

Other options include chopping up peeled apples and mixing with cinnamon and some brown sugar, or layering rice then honey mixed with dates in the middle, again topping with rice.

You could buy a 20 pound bag of rice to last a season! For $20 bucks?!

It’s fun to experiment.

To wrap them use Pan Liner paper, which is parchment on the inside (the side to lay the bar on) and foil on the outside. Using foil alone or saran wrap will make a mess and foil will stick to the rice. With pan liner you hold the bar in the paper and it never touches your hands making them sticky.


NSAG – Keeping it simple and affordable! 🙂

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