A Reply for NSAG Member Jessica Spence- “I need a 10 Minute recipe!”

Last week I gave members an opportunity to ask questions right here. Jessica Spence wanted a 10minute meal she can make as she is SUPER BUSY! (It’s true!! I know her schedule! Crazy!). Jessica does eat meat/fish and enjoys spices. With this in mind, here is my first idea. I have one more coming in the next week for you Jessica.

The first one is made with ground turkey, vegetables, brown rice and tuna. I used 2 pans and one pot to get it done in 10min. I found this even better the second night when I re-warmed in a pan and let the rice almost get crunchy at the bottom of the pan.

Directions! Make as much as you want here. Bulk is great for busy people! Have it 2-3 nights in a row.

Chop 2-3 cloves of garlic and about 1/2 a large onion in one pan with olive oil. Brown.
In another pan have the ground turkey cooking. Start this right away. Spread the turkey thin in the pan to cook more quickly.
In your pot once the water boils (start with hot water from the tap or kettle) use “minute brown rice”. Cook. The rice will be ready in under 4-5min. In this time the garlic and onions are browned and the turkey is almost cooked.
At this point add baby spinach to the pan with the garlic/onions and a bit of water, cover the pan for 1-2min (be careful of oil splashing up a bit). Add snow peas, and chopped broccoli here if you like. Steam. Once steamed add 1-1.5 cans of white tuna (packed in water), drained, to the pan. Mix.
Once steamed toss everything into the largest pan and add the following; raisins, soy sauce or Bragg’s, Sesame oil, ponzu sauce, hot sauce, salt and pepper.

If you do have another 5 minutes I’d just let it sit and brown all together in the pan at this point. But if you truly want to be done in 10minutes you will be stopping here! It sounds like a lot but once you do it you realize…it works and quickly! You can also add cashews if you like or other dried fruit. And of course you can sprinkle with a cheese of your choice if you want!

Let me know how this goes Jess!  This one packs nice flavor. The HOT SAUCE is key!


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