Is it the Gluten?

After reading the article link above I had a few thoughts.

An interesting topic indeed. I work with many clients who have intestinal bloating and discomfort and often gluten is not the culprit. We can remove all of the gluten and still it persists. Then we remove all of the FOODMAPS. And it persists. Then we remove… get the idea. Perhaps it’s not always the foods, but we do try that route and test it.

There are so many irritants in the foods we eat today but even more so, we must consider the weak digestive systems that many of us have from 10-15 years of throwing garbage into our bodies. Alcohol, antibiotics, sugar, over eating, stress, all negatively affect the digestive tract. We MUST consider STRESS.

And there are HEALTHY foods that cause these issues too. For some it’s broccoli or beans. It’s not always something “bad”. Some digestive tracts simply don’t tolerate beans and excess fiber as well as others. We are not exactly the same and we have all done different things to our bodies over the past 20 years. We are not all built equally. Some can eat a can of beans…some can’t eat 1/4 cup without bloating and gas. We figure those things out.

For some it’s the intensity of sport that gets the GI system bloated. Again, something different and not everyone has these issues.

Sometimes I come across people who are allergic to everything and continue to cut everything out of their diets. The question then needs to be, perhaps it is the BODY, not the foods and if we focus on improving the digestive strength, and slowly re introduce foods, the person may have a different and lesser reaction to many foods.

As I have noted before, the gluten free band wagon is often just that. If you are not celiac and have no reason to be gluten free, it is simply a fad. Avoiding many foods with gluten such as pastries, excess breads etc can certainly improve your health, however that’s not the gluten, that’s the food overall being a low nutrient choice and many of those processed foods also have tons of sugars and additives etc. that can affect your energy and well being. Again, it’s often not the gluten itself.

I’m sure we will see a lot more research over the years in regards to gut bacteria and IBS and GI disorders. I’m hoping there is more investment into research in these areas. For now, keep eating simple clean foods. CHEW your foods well and avoid the artificial everythings. And remember your stomach has no teeth, so when I said CHEW your food, I meant it! Digestion starts in your mouth