The Taunting Halloween Sweets!



Giving out candy this Halloween? Already sneaking a few bars? Here’s my suggestion.¬†

Of course I could suggest you boycott the day because of the sugar. But I’m realistic. It’s going to happen for a lot of people.¬†

I suggest you don’t buy¬†chocolate etc. until Halloween day. Once the night is over bring the left overs and donate them to a food bank or give them out the NEXT MORNING. Or give the last spooky costume a whole lotta candy and send them on their merry way!

One if the biggest reasons people eat junk is because it’s IN THE HOUSE. Out of sight out of mouth out of mind. Get rid of it. Have your treat and call it a day!

If you keep it in the house you will battle the fact that you KNOW the little kit kat and snickers bars are sitting behind that wooden cupboard door. You will justify “they are small”. Yet 6 mini bars later you will surely have matched the new jumbo sized version at the corner store.

Don’t kid yourself. You won’t win that battle with the bag of minis!

NSAG – Reality checks