It’s CARB Loading not FAT Loading


Carb loading does not equate to “eat anything and everything”.

Many carbohydrates such as pastries, muffins, scones and cookies are very high in fat. These are not the types of foods to focus on before a big race or weekend ride. These types of carbohydrates simply add many excess calories. It’s not fat loading. It’s carb loading.

When carbohydrate loading you want to focus on low fat carbohydrate dense choices, such as rice, potatoes, cereals, dried fruit, breads, jams, juices and pastas. Along with hydration from water.

By planning ahead and spreading your consumption evenly throughout the day prior to your race. You will find it’s quite achievable.

You cannot simply carbohydrate load with “a big dinner”. That would be anywhere from 400-700g of carbohydrates!!! By starting in the morning, pre race day, you will prevent you overdoing the dinner portion size in an “attempt” to get it all in one meal. This can leave you feeling ill, causing GI distress or discomfort.

Start early the day before your race/event. Calculate your needs based on the duration of your event and execute the plan.

For all the time and effort you put into your training it would be a sure shame to see it all fall apart due to poor attention to your nutrition. It happens all too often.

Success follows good planning.

NSAG – Planninig for success

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