Pina Colada Smoothie! Part of My Carb Loading Day! Yum!

Carb loading for a 140km ride tomorrow (first one in a year?! Best to follow my own advice! The nutritionist can never bonk on a ride. I don’t have that luxury lol). What’s on the menu? Her’es my favorite item.

The Pina colada smoothie!

2 cups of pineapple juice
3/4 scoop whey protein (North Coast Naturals -vanilla)
1 frozen banana (key is to freeze it! Makes it cold and THICK)
1/4 cup LIGHT coconut milk

Damn that’s good!

Calories: 500
Carbs: 100g
Protein: 20g
Fat: 4g

That’s Podium Nutrition!

I love this!

I love this!

Killer Kale Salad in Under 10 minutes!

Killer Kale Salad in Under 10 Minutes!


It’s that time of year when salads are feeling fantastic and bright!


Try this Killer Kale Salad! It’s super quick. Anyone could pull this off!


HOW TO MAKE THE KILLER KALE SALAD! ( I timed it, it can be quick if you are feeling energized and on the ball!)


Step 1: Find your favorite play list and press play.

Step 2: Choose a sunny day, open the windows and let the sun and air into the kitchen, smile.

Step 3: Ignore step 2 if you live in Vancouver

Step 4: Take 6-8 large cooked tiger shrimp. Thaw in a warm bowl of water for 3-5 minutes if frozen.

Step 5: Take 5 cups of kale and rinse. Break into small pieces and place in a bowl.

Step 6: Warm up a 1/4 cup of edamame for 1 minute in hot water. Toss into the bowl.

Step 7: Throw in 2 tbsp of whole grain croutons

Step 8: Chop up 10 cherry tomatoes, toss into bowl

Step 9: Chop up or grate one carrot, toss into bowl

Step 10: Toss in 2 tbsp of shredded asiago

Step 11: Heat shrimp quickly in a pan with blackening spice (key for flavor! Many easy recipes on line including Martha Stewart’s blackening spice mix). I use PC (President’s Choice) Harissa spice mix.

Step 12: Toss shrimp on top of salad

Step 13: Toss in 1 tbsp of dry cranberries or raisins

Step 14; Add 2 tbsp of balsamic vinaigrette and toss well. Can be oil and vinegar or oil vinegar and a bit of OJ and maple syrup to taste.

Step 15: Sit outside, put your sunglasses on, face the sun, make sure a good tune is playing…and dig in!

Optional: Pre-cook cubed sweet potatoes the night before or use left over sweet potatoes from another recipe to up the carbohydrate content and toss in.


Great for rest days when carbohydrate needs are lower or add the sweet potato and it’s a regular meal.

Calories: 500 (with the 1/2 sweet potato cubed)

Carbs:  75g or 51g without the sweet potato and 410 calories for the meal

Protein: 27g

Fat: 15g

Fiber:  23g


NSAG – That’s Podium Nutrition!