Thumbs Up For North Coast Naturals “Daily Greens”

Pretty impressed with North Coast Naturals (Parent company is Fit Foods Ltd.) Daily Greens product! Nice combination of veggies and spirulina in powder form that is palatable! That’s always a good thing!
I can even add it to a smoothie and still enjoy it.

Although I always recommend real vegetables and produce, sometimes we get busy and don’t have time to cook it all up or prepare. A quality greens powder can come in handy at times like this. It’s also a great idea post race and during hard training blocks, to re alkalize your blood and keep your nutrient intake high when eating loads of veggies may be difficult.

I don’t try or report on many supplement products, but I did give this a good go for a month and felt noticeably more energetic, even though I already have a clean nourishing diet. So I’m sticking to it another month and will report back!

North Coast Natural is a Canadian Company who supply products for the Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa Senators and BC Lions and they make products without ingredients named by WADA’s prhoibited list, S1, anabolic agents.

Of course, as always, taking any supplements is the athlete’s decision to make. Do your research if you are a competitive athlete. Contact North Coast Naturals or any company for that matter, for more information re their facilities. NCN are very responsive and will share the information you need. They did with me!

NSAG- Keeping it clean and simple

Liking this North Coast Naturals product!

Liking this North Coast Naturals product!