Are you FULL? Or are you NOT HUNGRY? This small detail can help you shed big pounds!

Your next focus. Eat until you are no longer hungry, rather than until you are full.  Simply having the awareness to notice the difference can help you to improve your portion sizes and to lose weight. Listen to your body when eating. Don’t just throw food down the hatchet and then look at the plate and say “I eat fast”. Then go watch tv and plow through a bag of chips and say “I shouldn’t have eaten those, I wasn’t even hungry.” Pay attention. Chew your food. Take your time. When you are no longer hungry, STOP.  Move away from the kitchen and put snacks out of reach if you are not hungry. No need to feel FULL after a meal. Eating too much stresses the body in many ways. Let’s make the goal this week to pay attention to this difference between no longer hungry and full. Pay attention after dinner. Are you going to the fridge for no reason? Just staring into it? Then shutting it….then going back… 🙂 staring into it again. Really, I promise, nothing magical will show up between glances into the fridge. THE NEXT TIME YOU CATCH YOURSELF STARING INTO YOUR FRIDGE AFTER DINNER…ASK THE BIG QUESTION!!!  Am I actually hungry? Or am I bored? Stressed?  Becoming aware of why you eat…and how you feel, is life changing nutritionally! PAY ATTENTION to your body and mind. This seems to be the answer to everything in life :).