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Nutrition Assessments

Nutrition Assessments are a great starting point for anyone. In order to know what to change, we need to see where you are coming from. My detailed assessment questionnaire and your food journal, will bring to light many aspects of your nutrition and habits so that I can clearly create a plan to help you achieve your goals. Follow ups are recommended as change is a process which takes time.

Custom Nutrition Plans

No two people are the same. You are unique in your genetics, your nutrition history, your lifestyle and your athletic endeavors. Custom plans are made for YOU! Inquire today and let's see how together we can make 2018 your most powerful and memorable year to date!

Premade Nutrition Plans

Looking for a general "guide" of great healthy recipes based on calories? Looking for specific performance related plans based on body weight and macronutrients by gram/kg of bodyweight? I've got both for you. Check out the RACE DAY plans for those based on weight. Tweak as you like based on your training schedule.

Initial Nutrition Assessment For First Time Clients

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